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Warm Herbal Ball

Thai wellness Look Pra Kob Body Massage

To experience Thai wellness, we are delighted to recommend other signature treatments to assist the body and soul in rebalancing. Look Pra Kob is a herbal compress made from different kinds of concoctions of aromatic herbs to make them both an indulgent as well as healing. Herbal compress Bells consist of at least 11 types of Thai and Asian herbs, forming a shape like a bell with a handle. There are different sizes for different purposes that can be utilized depending on the application upon the body and face.


Relax in Harmony and Purity at The Vannara spa.


The exclusive experience of Thai wellness and heritage. A private boutique spa & wellness center


The ingredients and components utilized are carefully crafted and selected to ensure the highest quality of safety and hygiene while also not compromising our agenda in reducing pollution and waste.

The Vannara Spa

What Our Customers Say

Quiet, Clean, relax, well trained therapist, good price. Will be coming more often. I had aroma massage today and it feels so relax!
Thanapa T.
I would say that it has been such a good time here! Love the smell in the room for the first time I walked through. Thanks for giving me a super good and relaxing massage 🙂 Must come kaaaa !! Happy day here <3
Siraporn I.
The spa is located in a 2 floor - White House - beautiful arranged layout. Not too many treatment rooms. It gives the feeling of being at your own home. I have tired to have massage with all the therapists. They all are food. The Beal juice home made is very tasty.
Oui Kwankamon

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The Vannara's gardan with white chair in the middle.
The entrance of The Vannara Spa with quote "It's fine. I got a massage today."
Front of The Vannara Spa
The Vannara's garden in night.
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