Package “Sa-Bai”


Our Thai wellness and heritage experience package.

Recommended to everyone who has stiffness and body ache.

Approximate time – 200 mins



Our Thai wellness and heritage experience package.

Package “Sa-Bai”

Sa-Bai is a Thai word, which means “relax”

This package is recommended to anyone who feels stiffness and body ache. The treatment begins with a warm herbal compress for 45 mins to assist in relieving muscular tension and aches. It can stimulate the lymphatic system and also help in increasing blood flow and circulation. Continuing with Nuad Thai or Thai massage, which focuses on stretching, pulling and rocking movements. The therapist will be using her hands, knees, legs and feet to apply deep muscle compression, joint mobilization and acupressure. Nuad Thai has been one of the staples utilized in our heritage to maintain their wellness and to cure their body of sickness before the arrival of modern medicine. If you haven’t experienced Nuad Thai, you may consider this treatment as the best part of traveling in Thailand.

11 Benefits of “Look Pra Kob” treatment
1. Anti-inflammatory
2. Astringent
3. Anti-oxidant
4. Anti-microbial
5. Can help with alignment and posture
6. Eases pain and tension
7. Helps relieve stress and fatigue
8. Stimulates the internal organs
9. Stimulates the lymphatic system
10. Improves circulation and blood flow
11. Deeply relaxing

Journey description:
» Welcome gift and a set of Vannara ”Look Pra Kob” or herbal ball compress.
» Refreshing Thai herbal drink
» Changing clothes to a very Sa-bai clothes
» Feet care and detox
» Warm herbal compress 45 min
» Nuad Thai 90 min
» Room temperature shower with our organic soap and shampoo
» Warm tea and season snack

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