Package “Yin-Yang”


Our Thai wellness and heritage experience package.

This package engages in balancing your mind and body.

Approximate time – 200 mins



Package “Yin-Yang”

Yin-Yang is a Chinese symbol which represents a dynamic balance of opposing but complementary and interconnected forces, known as chi.

This package engages in balancing your mind and body. A lot of us had worked through our life, fighting through harsh work and surrounding environment while hardly finding time to refocus and stabilize ourselves. This Yin-Yang package here at Vannara is
developed with the aim to be the change which restores your energy to balance. Enjoy a 20 min relaxing Thai herbal steam bath before following with a room temperature shower to relax your body which prime your senses of touch and smell. The Yin-Yang treatment is uniquely designed through the union of Thai massage, Japanese Shiatsu massage and Aromatherapy technique using Aroma oil, creating a unique Asian Blend massage. Our therapist will continuously apply this blend massage for 90 mins to melt away all your stresses and stiffness.

Journey description:
» Welcome gift & Thai herbal bath set to use at home
» Refreshing Thai herbal drink
» Changing clothes to a very Sa-bai clothes
» Feet care and detox
» Warm Thai herbal steam bath
» Room temperature shower with our organic soap and shampoo
» Asian blend massage
» Warm tea and season snack

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