Our Treatment by The Vannara

"Look Pra Kob" Treatment

11 Benefits of “Look Pra Kob” treatment

1. Anti-inflammatory
2. Astringent
3. Anti-oxidant
4. Anti-microbial
5. Can help with alignment and posture
6. Eases pain and tension
7. Helps relieve stress and fatigue
8. Stimulates the internal organs
9. Stimulates the lymphatic system
10. Improves circulation and blood flow
11. Deeply relaxing

Warm Herbal Ball

To experience Thai wellness, we are delighted to recommend other signature treatments to assist the body and soul in rebalancing. Look Pra Kob is a herbal compress made from different kinds of concoctions of aromatic herbs to make them both an indulgent as well as healing. Herbal compress Bells consist of at least 11 types of Thai and Asian herbs, forming a shape like a bell with a handle. There are different sizes for different purposes that can be utilized depending on the application upon the body and face.

With over 20 years of first-hand experiences, we cannot deny that this is one of best treatments of all time. It feels incredibly relaxing and the smell is as good as it is beneficial. Together with a warm heat, it allows the therapist to move the Look Pra Kob along the body deeper into the tissue and muscle to heal the damage and rebalance the body.

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